Apple trees

In March 2017 apple trees have been planted in the Field. These apple trees are a duplication of a collection from the Center for Genetic Resources (CGN). The mission of CGN is to contribute to global conservation efforts by way of preserving plant, animal and forest genetic resources. The varieties of apples in this collection are the result of the work of WUR researchers on plant breeding and the development of orchard systems.

The orchard is part of the 'Apple Production Timeline' on Wageningen Campus. This timeline starts at the east-side of the campus with wild apple trees and ends at the Field with a modern orchard of small trees. Here you find the list with planted apple varieties.

The Apple timeline will be maintained by CGN and will provide the following functions:

  • Enhancing campus liveliness & biodiversity
  • Providing educational opportunities
  • Demonstration of the work of CGN

>> more information on the complete apple collection.