Healthy soils are happy soils

Healthy soils are happy soils

The focus of the project is aiming on a multi-level research, regenerating and restoring soil life and fertility, based on natural farming techniques (M. Fukuoka) and holistic design methods.

The first core research area is soil restoration and regeneration with natural farming techniques in combination with short term intensive application of a in-house developed organic liquid broadband fertilizer, soil life enhancers and green manure.

The second core research area is the reduction of soil contamination through ground cover compound clustering.

In addition to the specialization of this research, the third core research area will be the correlated and interdependent effects, especially in edges, in regard of cross-cutting simultaneous projects, like the orchard and experimental farm.

The research on this project is developed, coordinated and executed by Henka - 変化 - Regenerative Farming Solutions, a 2016 founded Startup for developing regenerative and resilient farming solutions, integrative ecological products and holistic design studio.