The Field is meant to provide space for informative and innovative projects related to the knowledge fields of Wageningen UR, and the mission of Wageningen Campus: 'Gateway to smart food in a green world'. 


Here, students, employees or partners of Wageningen UR, and companies located on Wageningen Campus, can realize small-scale ground-bound projects that have interactive and educational components and demonstrate what’s going on inside the buildings.


The Field is located at the western entrance of the campus. It is the space in between, Vitae, Dijkgraaf and the bus stop. 


The developments in the Field are already under way. Flower seeds have been sown and in the coming year approximately 100 apple varieties will be located in the Field.

Landscape design 

The spatial design of The Field will be on the drawing-board until mid-November 2015 after which the first infrastructure will begin to be added. Until the 1st of November 2015 you are welcome to contact the designer, Fiona Morris.