Potential projects

The intention behind the Field is to give the Wageningen University & Research campus users a space where innovative and informative projects can take root.

If you have an idea about a project that might work well in this space then feel welcome to share your ideas.

The following conditions are offered:

  • A physical space/plot in the Field
  • Basic maintenance, i.e. mowing of the grass and trimming of the hedges
  • General management: to secure continuity and oversee the interactions between different projects
  • Freely accessible location with standard surveillance by the security company
  • Basic equipment, i.e. small lockable shed for spades and wheelbarrow

    User conditions:

    • The project should be a manifestation of the mission of Wageningen Campus.
    • Financial support for potential projects in the Field is not provided. Potential projects/partners need to arrange their own funding for materials, maintenance and management of the assigned plot.
    • Potential financial gains from projects should be used to further support the intention of the Field.
    • Users must sign a user-agreement.

    Potential projects will be assessed according to the following aspects:

    • Size of plot
    • Use of plot - content/materials/purpose/users
    • Time frame
    • Effects on the surrounding area


    To submit ideas or for more information you can contact Wageningen Student Farm.